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cobb_arthur's Journal

more than friends
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a comm focused on the relationship between Cobb and Arthur from Inception

Welcome to cobb_arthur, a community for the relationship between Cobb and Arthur from Christopher Nolan's Inception. Anything pertaining to these two wonderful characters is allowed here, including (but certainly not limited to): fic, art, fanmixes, picspams, discussions, and icons.
1. This should go without saying, but no flaming or bashing of other people's work. Not cool. :|
2. Anything NSFW should be put behind an lj-cut, and all fic and art should be rated appropriately.
3. Please use the following header (or a similar one) when posting fanfiction:

4. Please tag your entries so it'll be easier to find things. Detailed descriptions of the tags can be found here.
5. For now, there's no need to ask for permission if you'd like to pimp a comm or website, as long as it's related to the Cobb/Arthur ship in some way. Comms/websites related to the actors are fine, as well.
6. If you have an idea for a fic, please post the prompt at inception_kink, not here.
7. DON'T LINK TO LOCKED POSTS. Just don't. It's annoying.
8. At the risk of sounding cliche: HAVE FUN! This seems to be a really small ship, so it needs all the love it can get. :)
Your mod is dorian_mauve. If you have a questions, you can reach me through private message, or via e-mail at amory.vain@gmail.com.
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